We created the Gherry App to be efficient and easy to use for anyone. Fluid user experience is imperative for us.

Once onboard, you will see the First experience tutorial to navigate you through the main app features. You can see this tutorial again at any time in your app Settings. We also suggest you visit the page Features where you have each segment explained in detail, so you can quickly get a grasp of the app, learn how to customize it for your needs and make most of its functionalities.

Here are some FAQs (frequently asked questions) that can help you if you have any doubts. You can contact us any time through the Support section within the app or email us at support@gherry.com.

FAQs Gherry App

Gherry can be anybody who needs health and care management. It can be you or someone you care for. Gherry is a superstar of the app and the center of the Care Circle. All is focused on helping Gherry coordinate every detail of health and care easily and efficiently.

Everything related to Gherry is organized within the Care Circle. You can invite all people involved in Gherry’s care to join the Care Circle. With everyone connected, you can quickly and efficiently manage everything related to Gherry’s health, care and all daily activities and tasks.

Like any other app, you need to download it to your phone and install it. Go to the Apple Store if you have iPhone or to Google Play if you have an Android phone. Type “Gherry App” in the search bar, and it will give you the option to install the app. In case the stores request it, you will need to fill in your details to complete the installation.

After you install the app, you will go through the sign-up steps to set your account. When creating your Gherry account, you can choose whether you are creating it for yourself or for someone you love. Either way, you become the owner of the account. In the sign-up process, you can add the information to set the app for your specific needs. You can skip some of the steps, and you can always add the information later on. In case you are invited to join an existing Care Circle, you just need to set up your profile if you don’t have it, choose your nickname for Gherry and your relationship.

Signing up and creating your profile is completely free and without any obligation. You can try the app for 15 days of free trial to explore how Gherry App can help you improve all activities related to health and care. If you decide to make Gherry App a part of your life, you can choose between our subscription plans.

The subscription is based on the number of Gherries (Care Circles). Only the account owner pays the subscription for Care Circles she or he created, and it is free for all other members.

We have three subscription plans available, with monthly and yearly options. You can change or cancel your plan anytime. In any option, you have all the app features available. Choose a plan that fits the best for you and your loved ones:

STAR – for 1 Gherry: $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year (2 months for free)

HERO – for up to 3 Gherries: $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year (2 months for free)

SUPERHERO – for up to 6 Gherries: $19.99 per month or $199.99 per year (2 months for free)

If you have 7+ Gherries, please contact us to make a special plan for you.

When creating your Gherry account, you can choose whether you are creating it for yourself or for someone you love. In that way, the first Care Circle is created through the sign-up process.

If the account is for you, after setting up all the necessary information, you can invite your family and friends to accompany you.

In the Care Circle, besides Gherry, there are Caregiver Administrators and Regular Caregivers.

Each role allows different permissions in the app.

If you created the account for yourself, you are Gherry and you rule your Care Circle. You are the main administrator, the owner of the account and you pay the subscription. You can invite other members to join you and assign them roles with different permissions.

Caregiver Administrator has all permissions in the app and its features. If you created an account for someone else, you automatically have the role of the Caregiver Administrator and you are the owner of that account. You can set all up and invite your Gherry to start using it.

If you add other members as Administrator Caregivers, they will have all the permissions within the app, but for certain app parts, the owner of the account (the one who pays the subscription) will have the final word. You can pass your ruling role to another person in your Care Circle at any time.

Regular Caregivers have limited permissions. They can make the inputs for trackers, manage medication intakes and create records – add activities to the Calendar, make Notes, To-do lists, add Expenses, photos to the Gallery and add new contacts. They can set their profiles, and choose their nickname for Gherry and the relationship. However, for security reasons, they cannot: make changes in Gherry’s Medical card, add to and edit medication list and the intake schedule, make changes in tracker settings, edit Care Circle or invite other members to join, and share documents from the app, such as Medical card, reports from trackers and medications history.

If you created an account for someone else, you are the owner of the account, and you automatically have the role of the Caregiver Administrator. You can set all up and invite your Gherry to start using it. By joining, Gherry will have limited permissions as other Regular Caregivers. This is for the case if you think that your Gherry shouldn’t have full permissions within the app (for example, to change the Medical card, medications and tracker settings, share the documents, or invite other members). Of course, you can give Gherry all the permissions of the administrator, or pass the account ownership at any time.

Only the Administrators can invite other members to their Care Circles. By clicking +Add in the Care Circle, you can send an invitation to a new member for that Circle. All you need is the email of that person. You can immediately choose a role for a new member. Of course, they would need to install the Gherry App in case they don’t have it already.

If you have the Administrator role, you can invite as many members as you want. The number of members in your Care Circle is unlimited so that everyone you want can be part of your little care community.

By clicking on any member’s photo, you can see their profile information. Depending on your role and permissions in the Care Circle, you can perform different actions: change roles, delete members, leave or delete the Circle, pass the account owner role to someone else. The three dots on the right side open all additional options.

By clicking on any member’s photo, you can view their profile information and what roles they have. If you are the owner of the account, by clicking the three dots on the right side of your Care Circe, you can access the additional options. You can downgrade your Caregiver Administrators to Regular Caregivers in case you want to limit their permissions. You can also upgrade a Regular Caregiver to the Caregiver Administrator if you wish this person to have additional permissions. In case you are the owner of the account and you want someone else to continue paying the subscription, or you simply want to leave the Circle, you would need to pass your account owner role to another Caregiver of your choice.

If you are the owner of the account, you can delete any other member, including other Caregiver Administrators. Other Caregiver Administrators can delete Regular Caregivers. Within your Care Circle, click on the photo of the person you want to delete, and you will have the options listed.

The person who created the account and who is paying the subscription can create the number of Care Circles allowed within the selected subscription plan. If you are the account creator, you can easily create a new Care Circle for yourself or someone else on your Care Circle page, simply by clicking “Create new circle“. If the number of Care Circles exceeds the limits of the subscription plan you have, you will be offered to de-activate one Care Circle or to upgrade your subscription plan.

You can belong to as many Care Circles as you like as an Administrator Caregiver or a Regular Caregiver, including Care Circles of other accounts. All your Care Circles will show in your Care Circle page. However, if you are using the app for yourself, you should be Gherry in only one account.

You can be Gherry in your Care Circle, and an Administrator Caregiver for another Gherry in another Care Circle, and a Regular Caregiver in other Care Circles. The options are numerous.

When you leave one Care Circle, and you have other Circles, you will keep your roles there. If you are the only Administrator in the Care Circle and the account owner, when you decide to leave it, you can pass the account ownership to another person. If you don’t do it and you don’t delete the Circle, the other members will be offered to continue managing it.

Only the Administrator Caregiver who is the owner of the account can delete the Care Circle. Before that, if you are the account owner, you can pass the account ownership to another person. If not, by deleting the Care Circle, all profile and Care Circle information will be erased, and other members will lose all access for that Circle.

The account owner can pass the account ownership to another Caregiver Administrator so that person can manage the subscription and the Care Circle.

You can pass your ruling and subscriber role to another Caregiver Administrator at any time. Click the three dots on the right side of your Care Circle, and select “Transfer the administration“.

If you have other Care Circles, you can continue using the app for them. If you have no other Care Circles and you want to continue using the app for yourself or someone else, you will be offered a free trial period, and after that, you can choose a subscription plan that best suits your current needs. You can create your Care Circles and invite your family and friends to be a part of them.

Only the owners of the accounts pay the subscription, and in case you are invited to join someone’s Care Circles, it is absolutely free for you to use it as a part of that Care Circle. However, you can’t use the app for yourself or to create your Care Circles without having a subscription of your own.

Because these documents contain sensitive information, only the Caregivers Administrators can share the history of the trackers, history of each medication and the Medical card. We recommend you to share the health and care information only with trusted parties.

If you are Gherry, you can connect the Gherry App with your iWatch, Apple Health or Google Fit. This will allow the data exchange and synchronization of your health trackers in the Gherry App with matching trackers in Apple Health or Google Fit. If your Apple Health or Google Fit are connected with other health trackers, apps and devices, Gherry App will sync that data and its trackers via Apple Health or Google Fit. You can edit the permissions for this in your phone settings at any time.

If you are the owner of the account, you have the “Request my data” option in the app Settings. All your Gherry app information until the date of the request will be sent to the email registered in your profile. If you are the owner of multiple Care Circles, you will receive separate data files for each of your Gherries.

You can change your subscription plan at any time. In the app Settings, you can see your subscription details, and you can change your subscription plan at any time to the one that best suits your circumstances and needs.

You can cancel your subscription at any time and without any cancellation fees. You can do it in through the Subscription section in the app Settings, or through your account on App Store or Google Play.

In the app Settings, in Your Account section, within Your profile information, you can find the delete account option. Before you leave the Gherry app, if you are the owner of the account, and you want to save the information related to your Gherries, you can request your data to be sent to your registered email address, and you can manage your Care Circles and roles you have there. After you confirm the deleting, your account, your data and the Care Circles you are the owner of will be permanently deleted. There is no option to retrieve the account or data once they are deleted.

Gherry App implements the highest standards of user data protection. We have strict security measures and policies to ensure that Gherry App users control access to their information. All communication between the apps and the backend is encrypted under SSL, which guarantees that the information cannot be intercepted as it travels to our servers. Additionally, different levels of security at the backend level protect the endpoints and therefore, the user data, which is also encrypted at the time of being stored. You can read our Security Policy and see in detail what technologies are used for data security.

You can read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on the page Legal. You can also access it from the Settings in the app.

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